Our Joggling Boards

Individually Handcrafted, Classically Designed


The Joggle Factory designs and builds authentic and classically styled joggling boards to create that timeless and traditional look to your patio, garden, porch or any other living area. Each joggling board is custom built using sustainable locally harvested lumber that travels less than fifty miles to our shop in Historic Charleston with the anticipation that all lumber is harvested in the same soil of an authentic joggling board over 200 years ago. With this hand-selected lumber we use traditional craftsman joinery construction, such as the mortise and tennon, with waterproof glue and environmentally friendly marine grade paint to produce a superior product of enduring quality.

Our Craftsman

Honoring historic techniques

At The Joggle Factory, Chris Outland is our Master Craftsman. Chris began his journey hand-crafting joggling boards when he and his wife Kristi wanted one for their front porch. During their lifeless search they found themselves running into constant dead ends. Already an accomplished furniture maker, Chris was eager to use traditional mortise and tennon construction to recreate his own joggling board. As a result, The Joggle Factory was created, first in a 200 sq ft shed at the couples’ residence, and later in a 1200 sq ft shop which was quickly outgrown.

A few years back, Chris and Kristi built a facility on their family property and moved their shop there. This move was in a response to a surging growth in orders, which not only made it possible for Kristi to give up her career in corporate America, but to work at home with her husband. When Chris and Kristi are not covered in saw dust in the shop, you can easily find them enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of the Charleston waterways.

Joggling Boards Today

An historic tradition: re-invented

new handmade joggling boards in Charleston sc as a front porch bench

Born in the American southland circa 1804, the Joggling Board has always been a staple furniture item for the gracious wrap-around porches of southern homes. Prized equally for the relaxing sensation of its gentle movement and its versatility and mobility, the Joggling Board’s popularity spread like wildfire. By the mid 1850′s, nearly every respectable Southern home had a Joggling Board on it’s porch. Since those days, offering a guest a seat on your family’s Jogglng Board has been considered an invitation for friendship.

new handmade joggling boards in Charleston sc as a bench for outdoor living in the backyard

The last few decades have seen a resurgence in the Joggling Board’s popularity as a functional piece of furniture, indoors and outside. Its lightweight three piece construction lends to its mobility, making it perfect seating for household parties. Its narrow footprint makes it an ideal replacement for rocking chairs and porch swings on today’s modern, narrow porches. Whether you are looking for a comfortable place to sit, or a sincere gift of friendship, we invite you to browse our product line. We have a Joggling Board for you!