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14′ Joggling Board

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Product Description

The Original. A traditional Joggling Board is a very long board – This one is 14 feet. The length of the board is what provides its famous bounce or “joggle.” With this hand-selected lumber we use traditional craftsman joinery construction, such as the mortise and tennon, with waterproof glue and environmentally friendly marine grade paint to produce a superior product of enduring quality.

Color Options

“Charleston Green” (almost black)
Charleston Green originated after the American Civil War, when the North provided black paint to the South for use in its reconstruction. Charlestonians, refused to paint the city in Yankee black, so they mixed the black with a little bit of Rebel Yellow and created Charleston green. This color looks black unless the sun hits it just right, and then the color registers a very dark forest green.
Haint Blue
A mellow shade of blue which blends into the color of the sky, the paint of choice for many porches across the Lowcountry is Haint Blue. Its name is rooted in it the superstition that it will ward off evil spirits.
Seafoam Green
Light and airy – From the turquoise or teal family, but more green than blue. Light and creamy, not bold or overbearing.
An intense, bright red, almost fire engine red.
A soft light pink, but bold enough to hold its own. This pink transforms our children’s joggling board into the perfect centerpiece for a little girl’s room.
Custom Color
Pick your own custom color! We source our coatings from Sherwin Williams, so choosing one of their colors helps ensure a perfect match.

Additional Information

Dimensions 168 x 23 x 40 in

“Charleston Green” (almost black), Haint Blue, Seafoam Green, Red, Pink, Custom Color


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