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Are you pretty handy and like saving money?? Our Builda board might be the right fit for you and your family!

Included from the factory is everything to assemble your rockers. We teach you how to locally source a 2×12 & how to shape into a joggling board top board. You should be able to locally find a 2×12 for under $40 depending on the size that will accommodate your porch.  See sizing guidance below.  Also included in the box is The Joggle Factory Charleston Green paint and our water based primer. Tools needed and what comes in the Builda board box also listed below.

How is this saving you money? You are mostly saving on shipping.  If you are interested in how hard we fight for fair shipping prices you can read about it here.

Purchase modern rockers for a porch that can fit a 6’ – 12’.  Purchase traditional size rockers if your porch can fit a 14’ – 16’.

Recommended Tools Needed:

Hammer or mallet
Wet rag
Jigsaw with wood cutting blade – the less TPI (teeth per inch) the easier it is to cut, but will also require more sanding then the higher TPI blades
Router and 3/4 or 1/2 inch round over bit (OPTIONAL)
Wood filler (OPTIONAL)
Ice cold IPA or your favorite beverage

Included in the box:

2 unpainted assembled rocker uprights
4 unpainted rocker feet
4 unpainted finials
2 unpainted pin stoppers for use on the top board
8 Dominos
1 container with glue
1 glue brush
1 brass plaque
1 quart of The Joggle Factory Charleston Green
1 quart of water based primer
1 chip brush for painting
1 sheet of sand paper
1 1 1/8” paddle drill bit
2 nails (for holding pin stoppers during paint)
1 really cool sticker