Traditional Joggling Board (14′ – 16′)

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Before air conditioning was a norm in homes, porches were much larger allowing for the traditional size joggling boards to make a place in history.  The length of the board is what provides its famous bounce or “joggle”.  With hand-selected lumber we use traditional craftsman joinery construction, waterproof glue and environmentally friendly marine grade paint to produce you a superior product of enduring quality.

NOTE: Your joggling board will ship in two boxes.  One box containing the long seat board, and one box containing both rockers.  When you add your joggling board to the cart, you will notice an additional box for the bases is added to the cart.  This is necessary to calculate shipping costs.

Recommended Tools Needed:
Hammer or Mallet
Wet rag
Ice cold IPA or your favorite beverage

Included in the box:
2 assembled rocker uprights with brass plaque
4 rocker feet
4 finials
2 pin stoppers for use on the top board
8 dominos
1 container of glue
1 container of Charleston Green paint (for touch ups)
1 glue brush
1 really cool sticker