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Classic Lumbar Rocking Chair

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It official!!  We've formed a ROCKIN' collaboration with Troutman Chair Co., from Troutman, NC!

We take lumbar support seriously. Our Classic Lumbar Rocker features curved back supports for spinal comfort – from left to right and up and down. You’ll immediately feel the health benefits of rocking and relaxation.


  • Scooped seat – side-to-side and front-to-back contour to fit you.
  • Lumbar support with left and right and up and down curved back slats.
  • Runners with a long arc for a nice long, lazy rock.
  • No glue! Interlocking joinery and swelled joint construction.
  • Stainless steel hardware and arm braces.


  • Back height from floor to top of post 46 ½”
  • Double scooped seat height 16 ¼” at rest
  • Seat 23″ at the widest point and 18 ⅞” deep
  • Arms 3 ⅛” wide – splayed to give more inside room
  • Inside arm dimensions widest point at front 20″ – back is 17″
  • Dimensions from to back 31″
  • Widest point 26 ¾”
  • Weight 29 lbs.

Product Dimensions

Overall dimensions:

Length chosen is overall length 

Top board 12 inches wide

Seat height 23 inches

Overall width 19 inches

Overall height 32 inches

Sits 2-3 people

What's in the Box

Included in the Box:

2 assembled rocker uprights with brass plaque

4 rocker feet

4 finials

2 pin stoppers for use on the top board

8 dominos

1 container of glue

1 container of Charleston Green paint (for touch ups)

1 glue brush

1 really cool sticker

1 top board

Recommended tools needed:

Hammer or mallet

Wet rag

Iced cold beer or your favorite beverage