We LOVE the fact that our customers want one of our handcrafted joggling boards all over the country (and even a couple in Australia, Germany & Italy)!!! We just wish we could get the motor freight companies on the same page as us fun-loving jogglers.  Major changes have happened within the motor freight industry with regards to what they call “extra length”.  As you can imagine this “extra length” is quite crucial to our joggling boards.  Fees for extra length were sometimes as high as an extra $125 – $200 on top of the normal freight bill (yes, we ate the cost, we did not charge you).  We have literally spent hours on the phone with every (and I mean EVERY) motor freight company trying to come to a resolution or an exception for The Joggle Factory.  Thankfully we have found one company (Cerasis – this is the company integrated into our system) that is willing to come to a middle ground.  Prices are definitely not as cheap as they once were, but they are better then what the motor freight companies wanted to charge us for extra length.

Please do know that we add absolutely nothing on top of the freight quoted on our website – every single penny goes to them. We work tirelessly trying to negotiate cheaper prices for you!  So THANK YOU for still purchasing our handcrafted joggling boards in leu of these higher freight prices.


Chris, Kristi & Wiley