Sophia Townes, Program Coordinator with the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, contacted us in July 2020 inquiring about a donation for an upcoming LAF event.  We gladly jumped at the chance to be a part of the event offering to donate an 8’ and a child size joggling board.  We also had a couple children joggling boards laying around the shop that were mistakenly painted with the wrong paint – the boss lady likes our joggling boards to be super shiny –  so we shipped those before the event for free.  Rather then keeping the joggling boards for her boys, Sophia kindly gave one to the Lowcountry Therapy Center in Bluffton, SC and the second one to St. Gregory the Great Catholic School of Bluffton.  

Jack joggling at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

Jack joggles at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School


Joseph joggles at Lowcountry Therapy Center

Joseph joggling at Lowcountry Therapy Center in Bluffton, SC



In September, Joseph (Sophia’s Son) was scheduled for an appointment at the Lowcountry Therapy Center and he was quite anxious.  His Occupational Therapist, Julianne Sullivan, took this opportunity to try out the children joggling board with Joseph and the results were magical.  You can see the anxiety wash right out of his young body.


In the world of Autism, there are lots of techniques for making sweet souls, such as Joseph, comfortable, calm and confident.  Rocking is one technique.

You ROCK Joseph!

Because of this joyous experience, we reached out to the Lowcountry Autism Foundation seeking a collaboration.  We are proudly pledging 3% of sales of the child size joggling board, and $5 for each collaboration T-shirt sale.