The Joggle Factory jhoggling boards Charleston South Carolina

The Joggle Factory produces a timeless, sustainable joggling board that helps keep the Lowcountry joggling tradition alive

The Joggle Factory believes that joggling boards should be accessible to anyone who enjoys good times with friends, family, and the outdoors. Handcrafted with pride in the beautiful coastal island of Edisto, near Charleston, South Carolina, we use traditional craftsmanship and sustainable eco-friendly practices to create an authentic and classically styled joggling board for both indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Elegant and timeless, they’re also reasonable and accessible to anyone in any part of the country, with our ultra-simple assembly process.

From New Jersey to Albuquerque, from Alaska to Nebraska, or from Austin to Boston, you no longer have to be in the South to enjoy a staple of Southern porches and a centerpiece in the gathering of family and friends. We now ship our joggling boards nationwide, so all you have to do is set it up and get joggling. Whether a large or small porch, a child’s room or a family room, we’ve got a joggling board to fit your style.

Joggling boards with traditional craftsmanship and sustainable
eco-friendly practices

We go to great lengths to keep our production of our joggling boards as friendly to the environment as possible.

Handcrafted with pride…

A  Southern tradition for everyone

Historically, joggling boards have always been painted the iconic deep black-green color known as Charleston Green.
We want to keep that tradition alive in our joggling boards. Read more about the history here.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with The Joggle Factory, especially about Chris and Kristi. What a joy it was to deal with them and have them craft my special six-foot joggle board. I had restricted space on my front porch, and they made it work. The attention to detail and the promptness of their replies were amazing!

I work in a very high customer relations business, and this company and the owners truly exceeded my expectations. I called several times to ask questions, and I always felt like they were not only very knowledgeable about their product, but also calmed all my fears. All in, I strongly recommend that you get yourself a joggle board from The Joggle Factory . . . NOW!

Allen B. Hayes, Asheville, N.C.
American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)


Very fun and unique outdoor piece. Initial concerns regarding board length and function were communicated to and addressed by the owner, and all issues were resolved.

Etsy user, “C”

Wonderful craftsmanship and easy to assemble. Couldn’t be happier with it. A beautiful spot to watch the New Mexico sunset!

Condyl, New Mexico

Oh my gosh!! Even more beautiful in person and so much fun I’m thinking about ordering another one for the front of my house!

D. Jones

Our joggling board is perfect! Not only did it arrive on time, but The Joggle Factory matched a paint color we wanted, and each piece arrived in perfect condition. It’s a cinch to put together!

Elise Myers

We haven’t had the chance to thank The Joggle Factory personally for our amazing wedding joggle board! As our wedding was in Charleston last year, my mom had the brilliant idea and thought how fitting to have an alternative guest book and let our guests sign the joggle board! It was an amazing idea and gift. Our guests loved it! We now have this amazing gift in our new home for all to see. It’s adorned with messages of encouragement, love, and support. We will cherish it forever – thank you again!

Hollin Hainor-Hall, Charleston, S.C.

Southern Reflections Salon, would like to give The Joggle Factory a huge thank you!!! We received our replacement pin! Y’all are terrific! Thanks again!

Jennifer Bellville, Port Royal, S.C.
Southern Reflections Salon

Thanks so much. It looks fabulous, and I love it!

Mary Mac Wilson, Charleston S.C.

The board looks great, and we’re already getting lots of compliments!  Thank you guys so much!

Lee Farlow, Summerville, S.C.

The board arrived, and it is perfect.  It is without a doubt the finest joggling board in Blenheim, Ontario.  Thanks so much!

Kevin Priohod, Blenheim, Ontario

Thanks!  We love it!

Marian Chatfield, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I’m so excited and also intimidated . . . I’m not much of a handy woman but think I can get help with assembly.  So loved the joggling board when I joggled on at a friend’s beach house on Sullivan’s Island, of course with a beverage. We’re ocean front on the ‘right coast’ but will always remember joggling on the ‘left coast’ with good friends and family.  Thank you!

Gracie Howard, Manchester, CA

Y’all are amazing!  Thank you!! Can’t wait to get rocking again – our two- year old loves it!

Sarah Clanton, Johns Island, S.C.

It looks awesome!  Thanks so much!

Leah Ross, Charleston, S.C.

Thank you both for excellent craftsmanship and timely delivery. I appreciate the good work. It is a perfect addition to the front entrance.

Steve McCormack, Mt. Pleasant, SC

We absolutely love it!  We have to tell everyone who comes on our porch all about it! It’s so fun to have a part of our home state here.

The McCoys, Moseley, Va.