In 2010, The Joggle Factory was founded with the mission of making our beloved joggling boards accessible, affordable, and maybe even for The Joggle Factory to become a household name across the nation.

Chris, from the coast of South Carolina, and Kristi, from the mountains of Virginia, share a passion for the outdoors, good conversation, and cold libations. After meeting in 2005, these passions have blossomed in so many ways. As they say, “birds of a feather, flock together.” After Chris ‘popped the question’ in 2008, he knew the only gift for his girl would be a joggling board, where they could sit outdoors and enjoy each other’s company on the porch of their first home. Although Chris is a perpetual procrastinator, he did start looking for a joggling board well before their wedding date and kept hitting dead ends. Rather than find a more attainable gift, he decided to put his woodworking skills to good use by designing and building his bride a joggling board.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Chris saw there was a larger need to build this Southern staple, not just for the affluent and the Charlestonians, but for everyone…and thus, The Joggle Factory was born in March of 2010. Over the years, The Joggle Factory has grown from a small shop in the couple’s backyard in Charleston, S.C., to the company’s first production shop in Summerville, S.C., and now to its current shop on Edisto Island, S.C.

Although leaving a small green footprint from our company has always been a major part of our mission in creating joggling boards, having our first son, Wiley, solidified these practices. We want him, his brother Oliver and sister Luella to live in a better world and to embrace the love of the outdoors with the joy of family and friends together.


Chris, Kristi, Wiley, Oliver & Luella Outland

Environmentally Friendly

At The Joggle Factory, our goal is to produce a timeless, sustainable product that keeps the Lowcountry joggling tradition alive for future generations. We’re committed to making the Earth a better place for our children by ensuring that the production of each joggling board is environmentally conscious. All lumber is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative where the trees are managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem. To ensure longevity, we use traditional craftsman joinery held together with waterproof glue and finished with environmentally friendly marine grade paint. The result is a superior and thoughtfully constructed product. In addition to ensuring that the production of each joggling board is environmentally conscious, The Joggle Factory has committed to planting one tree for every joggling board sold.


The last few decades have seen a resurgence in the joggling board’s popularity as a functional piece of furniture, both indoors and outside on a porch. Its three-piece construction lends to its mobility, making it perfect seating for the household and other parties.

Often in today’s home construction, porches and outdoor patios are getting smaller. With the focus on outdoor living, from entertaining guests to simply enjoying a lazy afternoon, we’re embracing the great outdoors in a big way. While many long for the gentle movement of a rocking chair or porch swing, they struggle to find outdoor porch furniture that doesn’t completely take over a smaller porch or patio.

At less than two feet deep, our joggling board fits today’s frequently narrow outdoor spaces, allowing for foot traffic to easily pass in front of it. Unlike a porch swing, a joggling board rocks side to side, and bounces up and down, taking up limited space.