What kind of wood is used to make the joggling boards?

Because the company focus is on sustainability and environmentally safe products, only locally harvested, non-treated Southern Yellow Pine is used in constructing the joggling board. Treated lumber contains caustic chemicals that are known carcinogens. Instead of treating the wood, an industrial paint, which is NoVOC approved, is used to protect the surface of the joggling board.

Can the joggling boards remain outside in the elements?

Excessive sun and rain are the joggling board’s biggest enemy, though it is okay to place them outside in a covered area. The company even provides a lifetime manufacturer guarantee for joggling boards placed on covered porches and protected from the elements.

What are the dimensions of the joggling boards offered?

The “Modern Joggling Board” comes in two sizes: six feet and eight feet long. The “Traditional Joggling Board” is also offered in two sizes: 14 feet and 16 feet long. The “Children’s Joggling Board” is four feet long. The length includes the rockers, which run parallel to the top board, meaning the rockers do not extend beyond the board.

What size joggling board is ideal for my space?

To determine the best size joggling board for your space, first measure the space on your porch. For the six- and eight-foot boards, you will only need about an extra foot of space, six inches on either side. For the 14- and 16-foot boards, you will need about an extra two feet, one foot on each side.

How hard is it to install the joggling board?

The Joggle Factory makes all of its boards extremely simple to put together. Everything is included in the box, except a hammer or mallet. The only things you install are the rocking feet and the decorative finials. Detailed instructions come with every product for an easy assembly.

What color joggling boards do you offer?

Any color you want as long as it’s Charleston Green! The six- and eight-foot boards can come unfinished, allowing you to paint the board yourself. Customers who select this option will receive a can of The Joggle Factory primer in the box. Our DIY joggling boards also come unfinished, along with our primer and Charleston Green paint.

What is your turn around time?

Typically we ship/deliver with 1 week.

Where is the company located?

Our shop is located on Edisto Island. If you’re coming to see or pick up a board, email us at info@thejogglefactory.com.

Can customers pick up their finished product instead of waiting for it to be delivered?

Yes, you’re welcome to pick up at our shop on Edisto Island. Please coordinate with Chris or Kristi at info@thejogglefactory.com beforehand, for any purchased boards you want to pick up.