A new home…

A new home…

Greetings to our valued customers!

In case you haven’t noticed, we announced a few days ago that our shop will be closed during the month of August. We thought we would take a few moments to explain why, and assure you that the closure is only temporary. For our existing customers, please know that we are only closing our production shop. Our business office will remain open. For new customers, we will continue accepting orders while our shop is closed. We chose August because it is historically our slow time of the year. If you would like to get an estimated delivery date before you order, please call us at 843.200.2073 or email us at info@thejogglefactory.com.

Thank you for your understanding!

A New addition…

In December, Chris and I welcomed our new son Wiley into the world. Like most new parents, we’ve quickly learned that many of our preconceived notions about parenthood were a bit off. One such notion was that we could continue living in the small apartment above our shop (which doubled as our business office). Although Chris and I are minimalists at heart – we are right at home in a camper or a sailboat – we’ve had to face the reality that it’s just not the best environment for raising a child. We therefore decided to build on our lot on Edisto Island, just a short drive from our shop, with the aim of having the house complete before little Wiley becomes mobile.

A Tough Decision

Chris, ever the craftsman that he is, has worked overtime balancing the workload at the shop and making sure our new home is built to the same high standards we hold for our joggling boards. The house is almost done (wow, time flies by!), and it’s time to do the finishing touches. We’re serious about high standards when it comes to quality of workmanship. It may be a bit bold, but for these finishing touches, we’re convinced that if it is to be done the way we want it (right), we are going to be the ones to do it.

It pains us to do so, but the only way we can get our house completed before Wiley starts crawling is to work at it full time for about three weeks. In order to do this, we’ve made the tough decision to close the shop for a month. This gives us our three weeks, along with some extra room in case there are some delays.

A Bright Future

The decision to build a new home doesn’t just give Wiley room to play. It will give us room to work. Last year was our busiest year yet, and it looks like 2017 is going to overtake it by the fall. Once we move into the new house, the apartment will be re-purposed into additional office and storage space. We built our current shop a little over a year ago, and it already seems like we could use more space! Of course I’m not complaining. It’s a nice problem to have. It’s a symptom of our success, and I credit our success to all of you, our valued customers!

A sincere thank you to all of you, for your support, loyalty and understanding. We look forward to serving you.

With warmest regards,
Kristi Outland

If you have an existing order, or want to know how this news impacts delivery of a new order, please don’t hesitate to call us at 843.200.2073 or email us at info@thejogglefactory.com.