Ray Buckmaster with Younger Brother Woodworking

Ray Buckmaster with Younger Brother Woodworking

We had the privilege of meeting Ray Buckmaster in June of 2018, when he and his family lived in North Charleston, SC.  At the time, Chris and I were at max capacity at our shop and were seeking outside help to assist us in production.  We couldn’t have found a more fabulous guy with an adorable family!  In 2020, Ray and his family made a big family decision, and moved to Tyron, North Carolina.  We were sad to see him leave South Carolina, but excited for their new adventure!

Here’s Ray’s Bio, by the Buckmaster himself.

I started woodworking about 15 years ago when I wanted to utilize the time that I had off during the summers from my full time job of teaching elementary school. I quickly taught myself to build and went from pretty terrible furniture at first, to much higher quality over about a 6 year span. Eventually this drive to work with my hands and create drove me away from the classroom and into the shop full time. I started Younger Brother Woodworking in 2016, where I built everything from fine furniture to kitchen cabinetry. Then in 2018, I started to lay the groundwork for where I truly wanted to focus my business. I used gaps of time, between other projects, to design prototypes for what would become the heirloom quality, brightly colored, and non-toxic toys that I offer today.


Back in 2018, I also had the great pleasure of working with The Joggle Factory to help produce a small part of their wonderful joggling boards. This left a small amount of consistently sized scrap wood around the shop and the idea of wood going to waste drove me, instead, to develop a mini line of toys. These mini’s are about matchbox car sized, are also made with solid wood, and are brightly colored with 100% non-toxic dyes. Why? Because kids put everything in their mouths, everything! I am excited to continue this partnership with The Joggle Factory where I can put to use material that further reduces the environmental impact of the products we make.

Check out his website: www.youngerbrotherwoodworking.com