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Just in time for the holiday season!  Our joggling board ornament is designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in the USA!  Our ornament is etched from Solid Brass and finished with Hand Lacquer.

Product Dimensions

Overall dimensions:

Length chosen is overall length 

Top board 12 inches wide

Seat height 23 inches

Overall width 19 inches

Overall height 32 inches

Sits 2-3 people

What's in the Box

Included in the Box:

2 assembled rocker uprights with brass plaque

4 rocker feet

4 finials

2 pin stoppers for use on the top board

8 dominos

1 container of glue

1 container of Charleston Green paint (for touch ups)

1 glue brush

1 really cool sticker

1 top board

Recommended tools needed:

Hammer or mallet

Wet rag

Iced cold beer or your favorite beverage