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Unfinished Joggling Board – 6 foot | 8 foot

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The 6’ or 8’ easily sits two-three people.


  • 6’ or 8’ long
  • Top board 12 inches wide
  • Seat height 23 inches
  • Overall width 19 inches
  • Overall height 32 inches

Our craftsman has a favorite slogan: “I’ll paint the joggling board any color, as long as it’s Charleston Green” (thanks, Henry Ford). Charleston Green may be the traditional color, but his better half LOVES custom colors on the joggling boards! Like a good lover’s quarrel, a compromise must be made. We’ll build you an unfinished joggling board and provide you with The Joggle Factory primer. From there, you can paint the board any color or stain you desire. Our only stipulation is we ask that you send us a picture of your joggling board so that we can see your creativity! Post it here if you like…

As always, our joggling boards are handmade with traditional joinery, sustainable lumber, and eco-friendly water-based paint.

The 6’ or 8’ easily sits two-three people.

Recommended tools needed:

  • Hammer or mallet
  • Wet rag
  • Ice cold IPA or your favorite beverage

Included in the boxes:

  • 2 assembled unpainted rocker uprights with brass plaque
  • 4 unpainted rocker feet
  • 4 unpainted finials
  • 2 unpainted pin stoppers for use on the top board
  • 8 dominos
  • 1 container of glue
  • 1 glue brush
  • 1 paint brush
  • 1 quart The Joggle Factory Primer
  • 1 really cool sticker
  • 1 Top Board