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The Joggle Factory

Joggling Board

Family Togetherness Starts Here

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Joggling Boards: Perfect for Families.

Elevate Your Porch, Create Moments that Last with Joggling Boards from The Joggle Factory.

Welcome to a world where front porches become stages for memories, laughter and cherished family gatherings.  Introducing our handcrafted joggling boards - the perfect addition to your outdoor space, designed to bring families closer and create a haven of togetherness.

Crafting Family Moments:

Our joggling boards are not just benches; they're catalysts for connection.  Imagine your front porch adorned with these elegant pieces, where generations come together to share stories, watch sunsets, and build bonds that last a lifetime.  With each gentle sway, you're creating an atmosphere of comfort and joy.

Celebrate Heritage:

Just like you, we believe in preserving traditions.  Our joggling boards are handcrafted with love and precision, inspired by historic benches that witnessed generations of porch living.  We're passionate about ensuring these traditions endure, and our boards are a tribute to the elegance of days gone by inviting your family to be part of the ongoing story.

Embrace Outdoor Living:

In a world where screens often steal attention, our joggling boards invite families to step outside, breathe in fresh air, and revel in the magic of togetherness.  Whether it's a lazy Sunday afternoon or a spontaneous family gathering, these boards are more than furniture - they're invitations to create memories.

Craftsmanship with Love: 

At The Joggle Factory, we pour our passion for craftsmanship into every joggling board we create.  From design to execution, each board is a testament to the artistry of outdoor living.  With durable materials and intricate detailing, these boards are built to withstand time and create a canvas for your family's stories.

Space for Every Family:

Families come in all sizes, and so do our joggling boards.  Whether you have a sprawling front porch or a cozy space, we have the perfect fit for you.  Our boards are designed to harmonize with your outdoor environment while providing the comfort your family deserves.

Your Family's Oasis Awaits:

Experience the joy of creating an outdoor oasis where family bonds flourish and moments are cherished.  The Joggle Factory invites you to explore our collection of joggling boards - each one waiting to become a backdrop for your family's stories.  Let us be your partner in crafting a front porch that's not just a space, but a legacy of love and togetherness.

With joggling boards from The Joggle Factory, you're not just investing in furniture - you're investing in the moments that make life truly beautiful.

    Product Dimensions

    Overall dimensions:

    Length chosen is overall length 

    Top board 12 inches wide

    Seat height 23 inches

    Overall width 19 inches

    Overall height 32 inches

    Sits 2-3 people

    What's in the Box

    Included in the Box:

    2 assembled rocker uprights with brass plaque

    4 rocker feet

    4 finials

    2 pin stoppers for use on the top board

    8 dominos

    1 container of glue

    1 container of Charleston Green paint (for touch ups)

    1 glue brush

    1 really cool sticker

    1 top board

    Recommended tools needed:

    Hammer or mallet

    Wet rag

    Iced cold beer or your favorite beverage